COVID-19 detection on surfaces

Contaminated surfaces or formites are one of the means of transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, the virus detection on surfaces can prevent the spread of the disease. Furthermore, it will allow preserving the “new normal” and optimally continuing commercial activity.

As we know, the life of the coronavirus is different depending on the material in which it is found and can live up to 48 hours. At Biomedal we make available the COVID-19 detection test on surfaces in order to ensure that the disinfection and cleaning protocols are effective and, therefore, there is no presence of the virus in the work areas. The test is optimal for surfaces such as: handrails or door knobs, switches, chairs, objects and work areas…


PCR technique

Tiempos reducidos

Reduced times


Competitive prices

With the PCR technique “Polymerase Chain Reaction”, we aim to obtain in real time a large number of copies of a specific RNA molecule from COVID-19. In this way, after the amplification of the sample, the presence of the virus can be identified. The tests are carried out on samples taken on disinfected surfaces

Advantages of our PCR technique:

  • Early detection of the virus
  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Expert team to carry out the PCR
  • Validated product